We are a full service insurance agency in Hillsville, Virginia offering 401 (K) Rollover, Annuity, Fixed Annuity, Indexed Annuity & Tax Free Retirement Plans. We have fully licensed agents serving Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee & West Virginia. We offer a wide range of Annuities, Life Insurance, Medicare Supplements, Tax Free Retirement Plans, Car Insurance, Cancer Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance.

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Affordable Life insurance and annuities

Living Benefit Life Insurance

Provides coverage in case of terminal illness, chronic illness, critical illness.


protect your loved ones

Innovative ideas

Million Dollar Baby Plan

Do something awesome for your kids.  Turn them into millionaires.

CD Buster

Tired of earning less than 1% on CD's and then having to pay taxes on your interest.  There is a better way.

Tax-Free Retirement Plan

Want to know how to minimize taxes during your retirement years?

A Financial Plan For Life

Learn how a single plan can provide cash for most every situation.


Providing financial peace of mind!

One of the greatest gifts that you can give to your loved ones is to get them started with a financial plan of their own. And to teach them how to be financially literate so that they have an understanding of how to save for the future.  We offer several programs that are designed to help get kids off to a great start.  Ask about our Million Dollar Baby program or our Grow up Plan.

There are lots of things to consider as you plan for your future.  It is never to early to begin.  Do you have life insurance, a medical plan, or a long term care plan? What about cancer insurance?  Are you putting money aside for retirement?  Have you thought about the tax consequences of your retirement plan?  Are there other options that you should consider?

Thanks for stopping by.  We are  here to help you provide for your future.  You have worked hard to acquire your assets.  You have an idea of how you would like to live out your years after retirement.  Let us help you insure that you are able to maintain the lifestyle that you deserve.  We will work with you to develop a plan that meets your current needs and future goals.

Plan for your future